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Her Roomies offers a property verification service to owners. With homecheckher, the property is marked "Homechecked"on the listings so that the tenants can know the property has already been verified.

Homecheckher performs a physical inspection and rates the following with a strict and objective range of quality and condition criteria: 

Once the property is verified, each property receives a score of from 0% to 100%. 

The homecheckher report is included in the details of each property.

This system allows transparency on what is offered, so that tenants can be sure that they are renting and moving into a new and safe home that has already been inspected.

To view the standard checklist for homecheckher click here:

Are you a landlord that wants to have your apartment/room verified ? Find our prices here:


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Owners - HomecheckHER Prices

The price includes:
  • Physical and custom inspection of the apartment / room
  • Apartment / room quality control
  • Apartment / room score 'homechecked'
  • 360 degree virtual tour
  • Quality photos

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