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Ideas for hosting a new year's eve party at home

When it comes to throwing a New Year's Eve party in your apartment, the options for themes and food are limitless — but it's best to start with a few important details and go from there. Do you love to party it up with big crowds and lots of music? Or are you the type […]

10 tips to make your home contribute to your mental health and well-being

Maybe you had not considered it, but you can have greater emotional stability if you follow several tricks related to the home. At Her Roomies we offer you 10 tips that can help you. Do you launch? They can help you a lot! 1. Put your house in order A computerized environment will provide you with “well-being, happiness and less feeling of loneliness”, […]

6 ideas to spend Halloween with your flatmates

The night of the dead is coming and you have to prepare a Halloween party for your friends, but where to start? There are many factors to take into account when preparing this terrifying party, that's why at Her Roomies we want to make it easy for you to organize and show you how to throw an ideal Halloween party. 1. […]

8 Reasons to Start Living in Barcelona as a Foreigner

If you have made the decision to start a new life in another country, or simply want to spend some time away from home, keep on reading. In this article we are going to convince you about why Barcelona is the idyllic place to do so. While we will address the possible cons of the […]

Is Coliving Right for You? The Top Six Benefits of Coliving

Searching for a new home can be overwhelming. Figuring out how much you can reasonably spend on rent, choosing a location, and finding roommates all take time and energy. Coliving has become a popular alternative to traditional housing options for renters looking to save money and build community. If you've heard about coliving and wondered […]

How to make your home empower you

Coaching to get the most out of oneself is the order of the day, but… what about at home? Make it give you wings and come out of it wanting to take on the world By Roser Vendrell from elmueble.com 1. Decoration influences psychology The Journal of Environmental Psychology published […]

10 cheap tricks to turn your rental house into a real home

If the style of your rental home is too cold and impersonal, you just need to do a little work on your decoration to transform it into the home you always dreamed of Warm, comfortable and with a large dose of style, your home represents your little private refuge , a space where you feel comfortable, relax and […]

How to have a difficult conversation with your roommate

It's bound to happen. Your roommate agreement specifies that dishes are to be done after use, but your roommate left dishes in the sink—again. Or they've been loud after hours one too many times. Or they were passive aggressive about something, and now you're convinced they hate you. Living with roommates can sometimes feel like an obstacle […]

Tips for decorating small spaces

You can trick the eye and achieve the feeling that the house has more meters than the real thing. These are the tricks that decorators use and they work! By Mireia Noguer from elmueble.com 1. Take advantage of Heights Better with glass. Showcases, tables, shelves with glass doors: they let in light. Or fiber. A small armchair or […]

14 things you should take into account if you are going to live alone for the first time

Although living alone for the first time is an important and exciting event, consider these aspects so that your move does not have any unforeseen events. One of the most eagerly awaited events during youth is the moment of going to live alone for the first time. Total independence, set your own rules […]

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